Painting in 21st Century

Everyone is aware that data around us is growing with every blink of an eye, but very few of us actually use it to derive insights. Tableau is the easiest tool which helps in deriving insights from the data no matter where it is stored. Just within few hours you can start creating your own visualizations, you can create you own masterpiece. Isn’t it Incredible.

I have noted down all the popular websites, YouTube Channels, Blogs etc. which I have come across during my Tableau Journey, just for your reference. Please refer them if you are interested to learn Tableau.

Do mention in comments sections the name of a website which you have come across.

1. Tableau Training Videos

2. Tableau Public Training Videos

3. Tableau Knowledge Base

4. Reference Guide by Data Plus Science

5. Tableau Community

6. Tableau Public Gallery

7. Tableau Online Help

8. Reference Guide by Analytics Vidhya

YouTube Channels Names
1. Tableau Software

2. edureka!

3. Tableau Training

4. Data Science by B. N. Reddy

1. InterWorks Blog

2. Blog by Bora Beran

3. VizWiz

4. Drawing with Numbers

Facebook Group Name
1. Tableau Developer

LinkedIn Groups
1. Tableau software Fans and Friends
2. Tableau Enthusiasts
3. Tableau Developers Groups

1. Tableau Your Data – Daniel G. Murray, with the InterWorks team


24 thoughts on “Painting in 21st Century

  1. Good Read Mandaar. You have done a good job consolidating so much for novices and experts to refer and replenish their Tableau Skills. Keep up the good work !!

    Liked by 1 person

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